Academic Catalog 2013-2014 
    Apr 01, 2020  
Academic Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Applied Sciences, B.A.S.

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Professional Development

The Professional Development component of the B.A.S. consists of 24 semester hours selected to provide depth or breadth to the major and to provide substantive developmental knowledge for the student’s career or personal goals.

The following majors are specific as to the amount of hours in the professional development component that must be related to the major field of study:

Business Administration - a minimum of 12 hours from approved business courses
Human Services - a minimum of 12 hours from approved social science courses unless otherwise specified.

Experiential Professional Development

The experiential professional development component consists of 12 semester hours designed to provide practical experience as an integral part of the student’s career development. Experiential learning may satisfy a portion of this requirement. Experiential learning must be evaluated and approved by the university. Practicums or internships may be used in this area, up to 12 hours, or used in the major if it relates to the major field of study.


The student may complete the remainder of the required 124 semester hours with courses which complement or extend career preparation or pursue subject fields that hold special appeal.

Applied Science

Course Requirements

Applied Science is an individualized program designed to enable students who have previous professional or technical education to work toward the baccalaureate degree. The 36-semester hour major includes an 18-semester hour core and an 18-semester hour specialization. Within the 18-semester hour core, students must take courses from each of four separate areas: communication, supervision, computer applications, and ethics. Courses which fulfill the requirements for each area include:


The 18-semester hour specialization must be completed from courses in the student’s approved occupational/technical field. Of the 36 semester hours required for the major, 18 must be from upper-level courses.

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