Academic Catalog 2016-2017 
    Jun 23, 2024  
Academic Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions

Click here to view the Texas Common Course Numbering System.

Each course includes an academic discipline prefix followed by four numerals (Example: HIST 3305). The first numeral indicates the academic level of a course; Academic Achievement is indicated by a “0”; freshman-level courses by a “1”; sophomore-level courses by a “2”; junior/senior-level courses by a “3” or “4”; courses restricted to graduate students by a “5.”

After taking a higher level course, a student is not allowed to take the prerequisite of the course for credit. For example, if a student successfully completed MATH 1304 - College Algebra, the student would not be allowed to take ACAC 0325 - Pre-Algebra and ACAC0326 - Elementary Algebra or MATH1300 - Intermediate Algebra.

The second digit indicates the semester hour credit given for the course. The third and fourth digits represent the position of the course in the sequence of offerings by the discipline.

Example: HIST 3305

  HIST - History curriculum
  3 - Junior level course
  3 - Three semester hours credit
  05 - Fifth course in the sequence of history courses

Other indicators used in the numbering system include:

  1. Career and Technology courses are indicated by CTED prefix.
  2. Hyphenated numbers, which indicate that the first semester course is usually a prerequisite to the second (GERM 1301-1302).
  3. Directed Study Courses indicated by a section number of 99 (HIST 3305.99).
  4. Practicum Courses indicated by a 60-69 in the final two digits (EDUC 4361).
  5. Experimental/Special Courses indicated by a 79X in the final digits (ENGL 4379X).
  6. Honor Courses indicated by a 90-99 in the final two digits (MATH 4691).

Not every course is offered regularly. Students should consult the Schedule of Classes to ascertain which courses are actually offered during a given semester.

***CHIN, FREN, GERM, LATN, and SPAN 1301 and CHIN, FREN, GERM, LATN, and SPAN 1302 may be taught at external campuses as three-hour courses without additional emphasis given to the communicative aspect.**

** BIOL 1300, BIOL 2301, BIOL 4307,GEOL 1301, GEOL 1304, GEOL 3302, GEOL 3304, GEOL 3305, GEOL 3309, GEOL 4307, and ENVS 3301 may be taught at external campuses as three hour courses without labs and without fees.**

Course Numbering System

Number  Eligibility
0100-0300 Developmental or Ensemble course
1000-1400 Freshman course
2000-2400 Sophomore course
3000-3400 Junior course
4000-4600 Senior course
5000-6600 Graduate course

Please note, when searching courses by Code or Number, an asterisk (*) can be used to return mass results. For instance a Code search of ” 23* ” can be entered, returning all 2300 level courses.

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