Academic Catalog 2020-2021 
    May 29, 2024  
Academic Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Christian Studies

Professor Stephen M. Stookey, Dean

Associate Professor Joe Rangel, Jr., Associate Dean

Professors, Jeff Anderson, Don Ashley, David L. Bishop, Ben Craver, Michael A. Dain, Jerry Faught II, Thomas Fisher, J.M. Givens, Jr., David Maltsberger, Brent Schlittenhart, Glenn Simmons, Jeff Tillman

Associate Professors Randolph Rogers

Assistant Professors Andrew Marquez

Emeritus Professors Lewis E. Lee, Gary L. Manning, Fred E. Meeks, Paul Sadler, Glenn Saul


In keeping with the mission of the University, the purposes of the School of Christian Studies are to provide education in Christian ministry, religion, theological studies, and philosophy for all students; to provide theological education and training for students interested in ministry; and to provide services to persons, churches, and denominational entities. Student majors and minors in the School of Christian Studies learn to be critically informed, culturally engaged, and globally-minded kingdom servants through the mentoring of Christ-centered and student-focused faculty.

The School of Christian Studies offers majors in theological studies, Christian ministry, co-vocational ministry, and recreation and camp management. Theological studies help the student explore the world of the Bible, deepen his or her understanding of Christian doctrine, ethics, and history, and engage the beliefs of other religions and religious movements. Christian ministry helps the student cultivate leadership skills, examine the various ministries of the church, acquire basic skills in conflict resolution and pastoral counseling, and effectively teach biblical and discipleship concepts. In the twenty-first century, many ministers are “tent-makers” like the Apostle Paul, so the co-vocational ministry major helps the student develop a secondary skill base to enhance opportunities for income while serving at a small church or in a parachurch ministry. Recreation and camp management provides an interdisciplinary program to prepare the student for various indoor and outdoor recreational ministries. The school also offers minors in biblical studies, Christian Leadership, Christian ministry, Christian studies, family ministry, and theological studies designed for persons desiring preparation for volunteer leadership positions in local church, persons entering other fields who are also deeply committed Christians, or those entering part-time ministry or other ministries where a different degree is essential.

Philosophy courses are essential for liberal arts education or for anyone seeking to understand the modern world. The courses in philosophy are designed to develop the student’s analytical and critical thinking skills, to broaden the student’s perspectives on the basic issues of life, and to acquaint the student with the major philosophical approaches to these issues. A minor in philosophy is offered for students who wish to concentrate in philosophical studies.

Major Common Core - 18 hrs

The School of Christian Studies seeks a holistic approach to ministerial training, preparing the head (knowledge), the heart (devotion), and the hands (service). This holistic approach begins with a common core for all majors.

Introduction to ministry helps the student clarify his or her calling (heart) and introduces the school’s holistic approach to ministerial training. Biblical interpretation and Christian theology provide the student with knowledge about the text and beliefs of the Christian faith (head), spiritual formation or Christian spirituality guides the student in character formation and deeper devotion (heart), while practicum and preaching or principles of biblical teaching equip the student for communicating and living the gospel (hands). The capstone provides an opportunity for reflection on holistic ministry and preparation for future service in the kingdom of God. (Due to the interdisciplinary nature of Recreation and Camp Management, it has a reduced core.)

Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT) Ministerial Financial Assistance Program

Baptist students taking courses at Wayland campuses located in the state of Texas may be eligible for financial assistance from the BGCT.

All Ministerial Financial Assistance Program recipients must meet the following requirements:

  1. Submit a completed application packet including all necessary documentation.
  2. Declare a major in the school of Christian Studies, or in worship studies; or declare a minor in biblical studies, Christian leadership, Christian ministry, family ministry, or theological studies.
  3. Be an active participant in a BGCT church or new student from outside Texas with membership in a Baptist church in the first year of participation and an active participant in a local church affiliated with the BGCT in subsequent years.
  4. Renew the application each academic year.
  5. Pass the following courses:
    1. MNST 3300 - Introduction to Ministry , taken at first opportunity (minors take this course as an elective course beyond the eighteen hours)  
    2. MNST 3301 - Spiritual Formation  or THST 3301 - Christian Spirituality