Academic Catalog 2017-2018 
    May 19, 2022  
Academic Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BGS Degree Plan

Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.)

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The Bachelor of General Studies is comprised of a major in general studies with sixty hours, from which at least 36 hours must be upper-level. The degree also holds the following requirements:

  1. No more than 15 hours in any discipline may be used in the B.G.S. major.
  2. Grades lower than “C” will not be accepted into the B.G.S. major.

General Studies Major Core (12 hours)

Students must make a decision prior to the senior year regarding the B.G.S. capstone experience

General Studies Concentrations (30 hours)

Students must choose two concentrations with 15 hours each. Each concentration must have at least six hours of upper-level credit. Concentrations may not overlap in discipline content. Available concentrations are listed below.

  • Concentration 1 - 15 hours (at least six hours of upper-level credit)
  • Concentration 2 - 15 hours (at least six hours of upper-level credit)


General Studies Major Electives (18 hours)

Students must complete 18 hours of electives that are from different areas than the concentrations. Special attention should be paid to the level of the courses to insure that adequate upper-level hours are earned in the major. If the student chooses the Project Capstone track as part of the Major Core, GRAD 4302  will be used to fulfill three hours of upper-level electives.

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