Academic Catalog 2013-2014 
    Jun 15, 2024  
Academic Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music, Church Music and Worship, B.A.

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General music study with the opportunity to pursue elective studies in church music with a minor degree in Religion or Religious Education - 45 semester hours.

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree is a broad-based interdisciplinary program which combines music studies with those of other disciplines. In addition to a well-developed program of general studies, students have the opportunity to explore diverse music options through several emphasis areas: General Music, Theory/Composition, and Church Music and Worship.

The University General Education Core

Fine Art course

3 See notation. Three hours from:


  1. COMS requirement may differ by degree. Students pursuing teacher education should take COMS 2302 .
  2. ENGL 1301  and ENGL 1302  should be taken within first year of enrollment.
  3. The B.M. degree specifies ART 1301  or studio course or THEA 1303 .
  4. HIST 2301  and HIST 2302  are required for teacher certification.
  5. Wayland Baptist University will not accept RLGN 1301 Old Testament History  or RLGN 1302 New Testament History , or their equivalents, from any institution except other Baptist institutions to meet the core requirement in any Wayland degree. If a student has taken RLGN 1301 Old Testament History  and/or RLGN 1302 New Testament History , or their equivalents, at any institution except other Baptist institutions, then the student has two options to meet the core requirement: (1) take RLGN 1301  and/or RLGN 1302  at Wayland or (2) take RLGN 4306 , RLGN 4316 , RLGN 4317 , or RLGN 4318  in lieu of RLGN 1301 ; and/or take RLGN 4306 , RLGN 4320 , RLGN 4322 , or RLGN 4324  in lieu of RLGN 1302 . RLGN 4306  may be an option for either RLGN 1301  or RLGN 1302  as stated above, but may not count for both on the same degree plan. No other RLGN/RLED courses may substitute for either RLGN 1301  or RLGN 1302 . The Dean of the School of Religion & Philosophy must approve any exception to this policy. RLGN 1301 Old Testament History  or RLGN 1302 New Testament History , or their equivalents, taken at non-Baptist institutions, may be transferred as elective credit with approval of the Dean of the School of Religion and Philosophy and the Registrar.
  6. Courses marked with an * in the course description section maybe used to fulfi  ll this requirement. Students who have served two or more years in the Armed Forces are exempt from EXSS requirements with DD-214 from basic training.

B.A. in Music Specific General Education Core Course Requirements

In addition to the University Core Curriculum, students must complete the following degree specific general education core requirements for the B.A. degree:


  • Science (life or physical science - whichever not fulfilled in the University Core) 3-4 hrs 2
  • Foreign Language 23013 and 2302 6 hrs


  1. Students may opt to test out of COSC 2311 , see course description. Students pursuing music majors should take MUSI 3302 . Students pursuing fields in education should take EDIT 2310 .
  2. Science can be lab or non-lab for the degree specific core. Students pursuing middle school education are required to take the course with a lab. ENVS 3301 can be used to fulfill the life science degree specific core requirement. GEOG 1301  may be used to fulfill the physical science degree specific core requirement.
  3. Adequate prerequisite must be met before enrolling in a foreign language 2301 course. Prerequisite courses taken will be used as electives for the degree.

Church Music and Worship

Course Requirements


(Religion or Religious Education required) - Students pursuing the B.A. degree must select a minor or second major from any discipline identified by the university as an approved minor or major field.  The typical minor consists of 18 semester hours, 12 of which must be upper-level division hours.  Specific semester hours as well as course requirements for the majors and minors are included in that section of the catalog dedicated to the discipline selected.  A complete list of minors is included in the Academic Program Profile.

Recommended Sequence of Courses

Bachelor of Arts - Church Music & Worship Recommended Sequence of Courses - listed is the recommended rotation based on a B.A. degree program. For complete information on the general education and graduation requirements for the B.A. degree program, please refer to the undergraduate programs section of the catalog.

Total: 16 Hours

Freshman Year Spring Semester:

Total: 16 Hours

Sophomore Year Fall Semester:

Total: 18 Hours

Sophomore Year Spring Semester:

Total: 15 Hours

Junior Year Fall Semester:

Total: 17 Hours

Junior Year Spring Semester:

  • 0 hrs
  • Applied music study 1 hrs
  • Major ensemble 1 hrs
  • Church music course  2 hrs
  • Advanced music elective  3 hrs
  • Science course 3/4 hrs
  • Foreign Language 2302 3 hrs
  • Course in minor 3 hrs

Total: 16-17 Hours

Senior Year Fall Semester:

Total: 13 Hours

Senior Year Spring Semester:

Total: 13 Hours



MUSI 3302 Music Technology  must be taken in the May micro-term after the freshman or sophomore year.

General Education Core

*General Education Core courses which are flexible and may be taken in any order:

Foreign Language

**Foreign Languages 1401 and 1402 may be required before advancing to 2301. 


***HIST requirement must be sequential and of one history area, such as US History (HIST 2301  and HIST 2302 ), or World Civilization (HIST 1303  and HIST 1304 ).  HIST 1303  and HIST 1304  are recommended for music majors.

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