Academic Catalog 2022-2023 
    Jun 23, 2024  
Academic Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

M.A. Theological Studies degree plan

Theological Studies, M.A.

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The M.A. in Theological Studies is an advanced degree for persons interested in furthering their theological and ministerial education, primarily in the classical disciplines of biblical studies, church history, theology, ethics, and philosophy. The non-thesis track allows students who elect not to complete a Master of Divinity the opportunity to gain additional theological training while actively serving in a local Christian ministry. It may also provide interested students an avenue for additional study in the classical disciplines.

The thesis track substantively prepares the student for work on more advanced degrees, such as the Ph.D. or Th.D. in a classical discipline, with hours in biblical languages and a research thesis. Students considering a career teaching at the college or seminary level should understand that the M.A. in Theological Studies is a step toward the academic credentials required for college or seminary teaching positions.

To help students to be good stewards of their financial resources, the School of Christian Studies proudly offers an accelerated B.C.M. to M.A. in Theological Studies program for students who apply as undergraduates. The accelerated program can reduce the financial cost for the student by reducing the time required to complete a master’s degree.


The non-thesis track is 42 hours for students with no undergraduate work in Christian Studies. The thesis track includes an additional 18 hours of graduate work beyond the 42 hours. Up to 12 hours of foundations courses in either track may be waived for applicants who have relevant academic background in Christian studies.

Spiritual Formation - three hours from:

Electives - 15 hrs (at least 9 hrs THST or PHIL)

Fifteen hours of electives, of which at least nine must be THST or PHIL

Additional Requirements

M.A. in theological studies students must take the following courses if they did not take undergraduate courses that cover similar content. Students should take these as part of the 42 hours required in the degree.

Specialization (Optional)

Students may designate 12 of the 42 hours as a specialization in Biblical Studies or Christian Thought. These hours are neither added to nor deducted from the required hours listed above. (Foundation courses cannot count toward specialization hours.) Students considering doctoral study should select a specialization in consultation with a faculty mentor.

Thesis (pre-doctoral) track - 18 additional hours

In addition to the 42 hours above, students who wish to prepare for doctoral work in Old Testament, New Testament, theology, church history, or philosophy of religion are encouraged to complete the thesis (pre-doctoral) track. Students should complete the appropriate specialization for their field of interest in consultation with a faculty mentor.

The thesis requires a students to demonstrate the ability to do independent research while competency in biblical languages is a prerequisite for most doctoral programs. In addition, students should be aware that many doctoral programs require competency in additional modern research languages, so advance exploration of doctoral programs is suggested as is consultation with a faculty mentor.

Prerequisite courses for the thesis track: (to be completed prior to first graduate language courses)

Thesis (pre-doctoral) track additional graduate courses:

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