Academic Catalog 2015-2016 
    Jul 13, 2024  
Academic Catalog 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Music, Instrumental Performance Specialization, B.M.

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The Bachelor of Music in Performance degree is a specialized professional degree designed to prepare students for careers in music performance. In addition to a general studies program and thorough training in fundamental musicianship, students have the opportunity to specialize in:

Requirements for Major in Music (Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Arts Degrees):

All students desiring acceptance and admission into the School of Music degree program as a major or a minor must meet the following requirements:

  • Successful admission into Wayland Baptist University.
  • Completion of an audition revealing the possession of sufficient skills in one’s musical performance medium to be successful in university music study.
  • Students may receive Probationary Acceptance. In this case, all requirements must be successfully completed no later than the end of the second semester of study in order to earn Full Acceptance into the music program as a major or minor.

No course grades below C or 70% will count in the major degree programs in the School of Music. This includes all classroom, ensemble, and private study courses. The degree programs affected are Bachelor of Music-Music Education, Bachelor of Music-Performance, and Bachelor of Arts-Music. If a student earns grades below 70% in any course required in the major, the student will be required to repeat that course until they receive 70% or higher.

Wayland School of Music Major Ensembles:

  • Wayland International Choir
  • Pioneer Marching Band
  • Wayland Symphonic Band
  • Wayland Singers Chorus
  • Chamber Orchestra

University General Education Core Curriculum - 43 hrs

The University General Education Core Curriculum is applied to all degrees at Wayland Baptist University with the exception of the Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.), Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) and the Bachelor of Christian Ministry (B.C.M.) degrees. The full general education core curriculum for these degrees can be found in the degree specific general education core curriculum section.

Bachelor of Music Degree Specific General Education Core Course Requirements - 7 hrs

The Bachelor of Music Degree (B.M.) is a 129-semester hour degree designed to provide intensive professional preparation for students who plan to enter some phase of music as a career. A minimum of 42 semester hours must be upper-level credit (courses numbered 3000 and above). As the degree includes a strong professional development component, no minor is required. Because of the nature of the degree, it includes additional study in foreign language. This is included in the academic major requirements. Components of the B.M. degree include:

In addition to the University Core Curriculum, students must complete the following degree specific general education core requirements for the B.M. degree:

Academic Major and Minor

Because of the breadth of the program, the major and minor fields of study are combined into a single composite field offered in music education and music performance.


As the B.M. degree requires 129 semester hours, no elective hours are required.

Instrumental Performance Specialization

Course Requirements

Three semester hours from:

Bachelor of Music - Instrumental Performance Recommended Sequence of Courses

Listed is the recommended rotation based on a B.M. degree program. For complete information on the general education and graduation requirements for the B.M. degree program, refer to the undergraduate programs section of the catalog. 

Freshman Year Spring Semester - 17 hrs:

Sophomore Year Fall Semester - 16 hrs:

Sophomore Year Spring Semester - 16 hrs:

Junior Year Fall Semester - 18 hrs:

Junior Year Spring Semester - 16 hrs:

Senior Year Fall Semester 12 hrs:

  • 0 hrs
  • Applied Instrument 2 hrs
  • Major Ensemble-Band 1 hrs
  • Instrumental Chamber Ensemble 1 hrs
  • Advanced music electives 5 hrs 
  • General Education core course* 3 hrs

Senior Year Spring Semester - 12 hrs:


 MUSI 3302 - Music Technology  must be taken in the May micro-term after the freshman or sophomore year.

* General Education Core courses which are flexible and may be taken in any order: three hours of ART or THEA; POLS 2301 ; COMS 1301 , COMS 1303 , COMS 2302 , or COMS 2303 ; three hours from ECON 2307 , GEOG 1301  or GEOG 1302 , PHIL 1301 , PSYC 1301 , SOCI 1301 .

** HIST requirement must be squential an of on history area, such as US History ( HIST 2301  and HIST 2302 ), or World Civilization (HIST 1303  and HIST 1304 ). HIST 1303  and HIST 1304 are recommende for music performance majors.

Upper-level (advanced music electives - three hours from MUSI 4310 , MUSI 4216  or upper-level composition course.

Flexible music courses include: MUSI 3102  and MUSI 3103 ; MUSI 3104  and MUSI 3105 ; or MUSI 3106  and MUSI 3107 .

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