Academic Catalog 2017-2018 
    May 20, 2024  
Academic Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

B.C.M. Christian Ministry degree plan

Christian Ministry, B.C.M.

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Bachelor of Christian Ministry Degree Specific General Education Core Course Requirements - 43 hrs

The Bachelor of Christian Ministry Degree (B.C.M.) is a minimum 124-semester hour degree designed to afford both academic and professional depth for individuals who possess recognized competence in a ministry. The degree integrates university degree requirements with appropriate experience. A minimum of 36 semester hours must be upper-level credit (courses numbered 3000 and above). This degree is designed for those who come into the degree with experience in the churches or other related ministry. Components of the Bachelor of Christian Ministry degree include:

Academic Major

Students seeking the B.C.M. degree will complete the appropriate major requirements as outlined in the School of Religion and Philosophy section.

Experiential Professional Development

The experiential professional development component consists of 12 semester hours designed to provide practical experience as an integral part of the student’s career development. Students who have work experience in part-time or bi-vocational ministry positions may have the work experience evaluated if the ministry position is a paid staff position with formal job requirements. Upper level electives will be used to meet the experiential professional development requirement in cases where work experience is lacking. Practicums and internships may be placed in this area if they do not relate to the major.

Professional Development

The Professional Development component of the BCM consists of 24 semester hours selected to provide depth or breadth to the major and to provide substantive developmental knowledge for the student’s career or personal goals.  The Professional Development component includes the following courses if the student is receiving BGCT ministerial financial assistance:


Students may complete the minimum of 124 semester hours required for the degree with courses which complement or extend career preparation or pursue subject fields which hold special appeal. However, before using elective semester hours, students should check with their advisor to ensure that the hours are indeed elective and that upper-level semester hour requirements for graduation are being met.

Christian Ministry Course Requirements - 36 hrs

(36 semester hours) *Six hours are part of the university general education core curriculum) - Required courses for the B.C.M. include the following:

Three hours from:

(students receiving BGCT ministerial financial assistance are required to take RLED 3309 /RLGN 3309 )

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