Academic Catalog 2020-2021 
    Jun 01, 2023  
Academic Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Endowed and Memorial Scholarships

Scholarships are given in the following names:

Barton and Harriett Smith Abercrombie
Malouf and Iris Abraham
Malouf and Theresa Abraham
J. C. “Runt” Adams
Carolyn Foreman Albano
Alumni Years of Loyalty
American Negro
Lee and Alma Anderson
James Willis Apple
Paul and Duanea Armes
Loretta Austin Heritage Fund
Hattie P. Baker
Florence Bankole
Dr. Glenn Barnett
Peyton and Ola Barrington
Ruby Barrow
Charles and Rosalene Bassett
John and Ruby Bayne - Lubbock
Maudie Bearden
Roy and Mary Beasley
Ted and Carol Bell Memorial Art
James Q. Davis and Thelma Davis Benton
Dudley and Lorene Berry
Glenn and Betty Bickel
Amelia Bishop
J. Ivyloy Bishop
Greg Black Memorial
J. D. and Hazel Blackburn
David and Mary Bolding
Ray Allen Boles
Roy and Audrey Boles
Raymond and Mae Bomar
Dr. J. Hoyt and Joanne Bowers
Arthur E. Boyd
Brian Family
Chester O. Bridges
Archie Bale Brown
Thelma K. Brown
Wingo and Rosa Brown
Jeane Lee and Barbara Evans Browning
Thomas and Billie Claire Browning
Warren Bryant
Kenneth and Viola Parker Burg Trust
Thomas E. Burgess
R. E. Campbell
Wendell and Juanita Campbell
Elmer Hardy Childress
Vance and Bertha Clapp
Class of 1954
Class of 1958
Winnie Davis Bradley Cobb
Dr. Shelby Collier
Russell and Dee Compton
Gene Conley
Ada Cook
Don and Lannie Cook
Kenneth Cornebise
Bill Craig Downtown Bible Class
E. F. Craigo
Johnny and Adam Crownover
J. M. (Buck) Cunningham
Robert C. “Chief” Davidson
Roy and Robbie Davidson
Davis Memorial
Janis Davis Memorial
Patsy Davis
Frank R. Day
Jimmy and Donna Dean
H. H. DeLozier
Rev. and Mrs. Edward C. Derr
P.E. and Helen Dever
Rickey Dickenson
Robert Joseph Dillman
Frances Dunn
Cary and Sally Eaves
Thelma Brian Evans
Roy Vincent and Milner Harris Evans
Elmer and Mamie Ewing
Charles and Evelyn Feris
Dr. James E. Finical
Marshall and Sharleen Formby
M. J. and Maxine Marsh Foster
James and Yvonne Franklin
Friendship Baptist Church
George Gabriel
Kyle Gabriel and Tiffany Gabriel Wright
Max and Marcheta Gabriel
F.E. and Sarah Gardner
Pat Garrison
Marsha Hutcherson George
Clara Gladden
Marvin and Mildred Goddard
Patricia K. George and J. Patrick Godin
Rev. and Mrs. Jim Goins
Gomez Baptist Church
Goodnight Baptist Church
Dwight A., Joe Don and Danny Joe Green
Earl and Ollie Greene
Alvin E. Griffin
Herbert E. and Margaret Hannsz
John Hammond
Ralph and Lucille Hans
Bill and Nell Hardage
Eugene and Mattie Harris
Hart Camp Baptist Church
Gene and Louise Hawkins
Keith Hawkins
Hearst Foundation
Clyde and Ruby Lee Herring
C. Wayne and Ruby Bruton Hewett
Iona M. Hill
Lavonne Hodel
Truett & Bernice Hodnett
Gerald Lee Hollingsworth
Sara Elizabeth Wayland Housley
Fred and Sarah Howard
Gary Howell
Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Howell
Sam and Nettie Hughes
Claude Hutcherson Family
E. W. Jackson
Vernon L. and Mary Jackson
Dorothy Watters Jamar
Jonathan Wade James
Laura Clark James
Lester W. (Bobby) James, Jr.
Lester W. James, Sr.
H. D. and Ruby Janney
Jenkins-Selman Family
Joe and Terri Jesko
Dr. David and Marie Jester
William M. Jester
Charles and Elizabeth Jinks
Louise Joachim
R.C. Johnson, Jr.
Bessie and Roy Jones & FBC Amarillo
Jesse and Mary Gibbs Jones/Houston Foundation
Jodie and Bessie Covington Joplin
Phyllis Allred Joslin
Walter and Gladys Kaltwasser
Loyd Kelley
Clifton C. Kelly
Shirley Evans Kelly
Laura Kemper-Kimball
Clinton and Gerry Kennedy
Lakeview Baptist Church
Sam S. Layman
Mang Pew Lee
Lone Star Baptist Church
Odie Pearl Lovvorn
Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Lynch
Arnold and Reuby Tom Maeker
Robert C. and Bessie M. Malone
Dan and Julia Manning
Katye Elizabeth Mansdoerfer
Chauncy Hugh and Mary Elizabeth Mansell
Blanton Martin Family
Raymond and Edith Martin
Rev. and Mrs. J. William Mason
Mauriene Matthews
Mayfield Baptist Church
Arlie Mays Presidential
Edwards Mays / Lauren Higginbotham Osborne
Ralph McClung
Roy and Genelle McClung
Dr. Dorothy McCoy
Carolyn and Delbert McDougal
A. E. and Geneva McGilberry
John David McMahan
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin McNutt
Dixie Howard Middleton
Earl and Lucile Miller
Eldon A. Milstead
Preston and Sibyl Mitchell
Clarence and Mildred Moore
Audrey and Lucian Morehead
Judith and Richard Morehead
Ollie Morris
Dr. James Mosher
Mark and Linda Murdock
Edward Reuel Nash
Oklahoma Lane Baptist Church
Angus and Vera Ott
Dr. and Mrs. A. Hope Owen
Gene and Mary Frank Owen
Estelle Owens
Pacific Islands
Virginia Palmer-Simpson
Mark Edward Parkey
Aliese Parten/Charlene Clay Root
John and Joyce Swayze Pennington
Edna Phillips
Garland L and Waty D Phillips
Plainview Rotary Club
Donna Sue Plumlee
Russell A. and Velma M. Porter
David & Eliede Drost Pounds
Estelle Powers
Joe and Freda Provence
L. B. Pullen
Grover C. Reasoner
Ralph and Leola Reasor
Dr. Neil Record
Harley and Wilda Redin
Dr. Harold Reese
Helen Barnhart Reese
Roberta Wright Reeves Trust
Andy Reid
Harvey and Sharleen Rhoads
Joe C. and Jennie E. Richardson
Carroll Robertson Memorial
Cecil and Wanda Roenfeldt
Carol Rogers
The Rushing Family Fund - Lubbock
Joe and Mildred McFerrin Sanders
John D. (Jay) and Phyllis Cook Sanders
Donna Sarchet
Ralph and Elizabeth Shannon
Kelton and Sally Shaw
Melvin C. Shook
Jack and Maxine Skaggs
Christa Kunkel Smith
Jack Lynn Smith
Lena E. and James B. Smith
Tom and Myra Spears
John Ray Stephens and Salla Bradshaw Stephens
Alois D. Stevens
Stillwell Ministerial
Belva and Vernon Stokes
John Stoneham
Student Foundation
Frances W. Taylor
Harold and Audrey Temple
Gerald and Marilyn Thompson
Otis G. Thompson
Frank and Mary Tidwell
Warren Harding Tidwell
Trinity Methodist Church
Bobbie and Harold Trull
Jean Trull
Cecil and Kathleen Turner
W. D. “Dub” Turner
Hal Upchurch
Valley View Baptist Church and G. H. Phillips
Jessie Vandiver
G. W. and Mabel Vernon
Vigo Park Baptist Church
Alice Walker
Laura Lokey Walker
Clinton and Phyllis Wall
B.H. and Ollie Warren
Dr. J. H. Wayland Medical
Dr. L. C. Wayland Memorial
Sarah Tucker Wayland
Wayside Baptist Church
Weir Charitable Trust
J. R. West
Sarah Helton Wiggins
Thomas Darrell Wiggins
David and Myrt Wilder
Katy Brian Wiley
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Williamson
Claude and Glenn Witten
Tom Witten
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Womack
Joe P. Wood
Blonda Woodward
Mae Allena Worley
Faythe Anne Blake Wright
James T. Wright
Myrtle Wright
Norman and Louise Wright and Julianne Wright
Walter and Elise Wright
Merle E. Young
Zaphryn Memorial