Academic Catalog 2020-2021 
    Jul 21, 2024  
Academic Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Undergraduate Academic Schools

Each degree program offered by Wayland Baptist University is assigned to one of the institution’s nine academic schools. Each academic school has a dean that is a member of the university faculty. Questions concerning the specific requirements established for a given field of study, such as a major, minor, or specialization, should be addressed to the dean of the school offering that field of study. Questions concerning teacher certification should be addressed to the dean of the school of education. If undecided as to the appropriate source for the desired information, questions should be addressed to the Registrars’ Office. The schools include:

  • The School of Behavioral and Social Sciences  offers programs in composite social studies, criminal justice administration, history, human services, political science, psychology, and sociology. (Dean: Dr. Peter Bowen)
  • The School of Business  offers programs in accounting, business administration, digital marketing, economics/finance, health care administration, hospitality management, management, management information systems, management/marketing, mission in business, and sports management. (Dean: Dr. Kelly Warren)
  • The School of Christian Studies  offers programs in biblical studies, Christian leadership, Christian ministry, Christian studies, co-vocational ministry, family ministry, philosophy, recreation and camp management, and theological studies. (Dean: Dr. Stephen M. Stookey)
  • The Don Williams School of Education  offers programs in elementary education, middle school education, secondary education, special education, exercise and sport science, and applied science. (Dean: Dr. Sarah R. Hartman)
  • The School of Fine Arts  offers programs in art, communication, media communication specialist, and theatre. (Dean: Dr. Candace Keller)
  • The School of Languages and Literature  offers programs in British studies, Chinese, English, German, humanities, Latin, professional writing, and Spanish. (Dean: Dr. Kimberlee Ruth Mendoza)
  • The School of Mathematics and Sciences  offers programs in biological sciences, chemistry, computer science, environmental sciences, environmental studies, geology, mathematics, life science, molecular biology, physical science education, and pre-professional programs. (Dean: Dr. Adam Reinhart)
  • The School of Music  offers programs in American music studies, general music, music education, theory and composition, worship studies, vocal, instrumental, or keyboard performance music. (Dean: Dr. Ann Stutes)
  • The School of Nursing   offers programs in nursing. (Dean: Dr. Diane Frazor)